Iconic Community / 25 6 月, 2021


Icon Writers

Icon specialists Dr Shang Yeap and Dr Choo Bok Ai recently featured in a webinar with Thomson Breast Centre’s Dr Tan Yia Swam, where they discussed the management of advanced breast cancers from surgery options through to the latest in medical oncology and radiation therapy treatments. Watch the full webinar below.

ICON专科医生叶昇运医生和朱博爱医生日前在网络研讨会上与Thomson乳腺病中心的 Tan Yia Swam医生一起接受了专访,他们讨论了晚期乳腺癌的管理,包括手术选择、肿瘤内科学和放射治疗的最新进展。请观看下方网络研讨会的完整视频。