Colorectal cancer screening and treatment

What is colorectal cancer and how is it screened and treated?

Colorectal cancer is the most common cancer in Singaporean men and number two cancer in Singaporean women, with over 2,000 cases diagnosed and approximately 800 dying from this disease each year1.

It can be screened through colonoscopy and when detected early, it can be treated with a simple scope procedure.

Find out more about colorectal cancer, colonoscopy and treatments for different stages of colorectal cancer such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery from Icon Cancer Centre Singapore’s team of oncologists – Dr Choo Bok Ai (Radiation Oncologist), Dr Robert Lim (Medical Oncologist) and Dr Charles Tsang (Visiting Senior Consultant) in the video below.

At Icon, we employ a holistic approach to cancer care and work closely with specialist doctors to provide the best possible care and treatment outcomes for patients.

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