Life after cancer

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Early detection and treatment has enabled more Singaporeans to survive and live with cancer. Reaching the milestone of completing treatment is a time of celebration for you and your loved ones.  However it is normal to feel anxious about challenges of life after cancer.

Preparing yourself for wellness and recovery

It can often feel like your life is on hold when undergoing cancer treatment as you are often busy with attending appointments and treatment. It is very common to experience a variety of emotions when you complete your cancer treatment.

It is important to understand there are a large range of support services available to make this transition earlier. Your Icon care team will take the time to discuss how you are feeling and suggest any services you may benefit from.

To identify areas where you may require support, it is important to reflect on how you are currently feeling emotionally, physically, practically and socially.


Common survivorship challenges

Working through some common challenges can assist you in regaining a sense of control as you begin life after cancer.

It is not uncommon to experience challenges in the following areas:

  • Physical – How are you managing your nutrition, sleep, physical activity, pain, continence and any ongoing side effects?
  • Emotional – Are you feeling anxiety, depression, sadness or fear of cancer returning?
  • Social wellbeing – Consider your relationships with your family, friends, partner and intimacy
  • Practical issues – Do you have any concerns regarding finances, returning to work or mobility?

To manage your wellbeing and address challenges you may be facing, it is important to access appropriate support. This may include seeking practical support or advice from agencies such as 365 Cancer Prevention Society or accessing support from allied health professionals to enhance your health and wellbeing.

We are always here for you

Our care team are here to support you throughout all stages of your cancer journey. To help you move forward in life after cancer, it is important to ask your doctor questions and discuss any concerns. Please contact your local centre at any stage if you are concerned or would like to seek advice.


Support Services

There are many people you can speak to who know what you’re going through.
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Allied health

Different providers can help you and your family meet your recovery and survivorship goals.
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Cancer information library

Resources to help you learn more about cancer and support you through the journey.
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