Triggered Imaging


Triggered Imaging is a technique unique to the TrueBeam linear accelerator (radiation therapy machine) and enables visual verification that a tumour is being accurately and precisely targeted. It is specifically used for prostate cancers. The TrueBeam delivery system works by generating high-quality images during treatment delivery. Images can be triggered by elapsed time, radiation dose delivered, gantry angle of the external beam radiation therapy machine, or breathing motion of the patient.

This sophisticated technology uses markers that are implanted into the prostate. These markers allow radiation therapists to visualise the tumour during your treatment. It does this via low dose x-ray images generated throughout the treatment allowing the machine to automatically detect the position of the markers. Being able to constantly monitor the tumour allows your radiation therapists to account for any motion during your treatment.

The use of this technology results in consistently delivering the radiation with pinpoint accuracy to the tumour and reducing radiation to surrounding healthy tissue. It is simple integrated process that enable accurate and precise targeting of the prostate to a high dose while sparing the normal organs of the pelvis, such as the bowel or bladder, from unnecessary radiation dose. It can be considered a form of image guided radiation therapy (IGRT).

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