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Berita Harian: A New Integrated Cancer Centre at Mount Alvernia Hospital

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Comprehensive specialised medical services under one roof.

A new integrated cancer centre, expected to provide treatment for approximately 1,800 patients annually in the future, has been launched at Mount Alvernia Hospital. Icon Cancer Centre boasts state-of-the-art facilities and will offer various specialties and comprehensive medical services for cancer patients under one roof. It is an investment of $28 million from Icon Group, an Australian-based company, and Mount Alvernia Hospital to expand comprehensive cancer services for patients from Singapore and the region.

During its recent launch, Serena Wee, the CEO of Icon ASEAN and Hong Kong, stated that cancer treatment is a collective effort that requires the collaboration of many individuals to offer comprehensive cancer care. “We also want to ensure that patients are supported throughout their diagnosis. Icon and Mount Alvernia have had a long-standing relationship and a shared vision to provide cancer care for the benefit of patients and their families. Through this new integrated cancer centre, patients and their family members can now access every service they need comfortably under one roof, alleviating emotional stress in their lives,” she said.

Among its offerings, the centre provides radiation therapy treatment by an experienced team consisting of radiation oncologists, radiation therapy physicists, medical oncologists, and radiation oncology nurses. There are 10 medical oncologists, two radiation oncologists, two haematologists, and one paediatric haematologist-oncologist at the centre. Nearly 60 visiting consultant surgeons are expected to provide services at the centre.

The centre features a dedicated space for medication preparation as part of cancer care, an advanced diagnostic service that offers high-resolution imaging and low-dose radiation through the use of sophisticated equipment, and treatment for children, or paediatric oncology, as well as palliative care.

Click here to learn more about Icon Cancer Centre at Mount Alvernia.

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