Physiotherapy: how it can help you through diagnosis, treatment and beyond

Physiotherapy: how it can help you through diagnosis, treatment and beyond

Physiotherapists help people affected by cancer using physical methods such as movement, exercise and manual therapy, along with education and advice, to improve your quality of life during treatment. Common side effects of cancer treatment include having decreased strength and difficulties with movement. A physiotherapist can help you to manage and improve these changes, assisting in recovery and minimising both short-term and long-term side effects.

Research has found that physical therapy during cancer treatment has many benefits including:

  • Reducing physical and psychosocial side effects such as weakness, pain and loss of movement
  • Improving cardiovascular, metabolic and immune function
  • Helping to restore balance and protect the body from inflammation
  • Improving quality of life

Throughout your cancer treatment, a physiotherapist can support you with the following services:

  • Exercises and strategies to assist in building strength, managing side effects such as fatigue and maintaining a healthy body during cancer treatment
  • Education and advice to continue physical therapies at home
  • Manual treatments such as lymphoedema drainage, massage and mobilisation therapy to improve treatment-related side effects

Physiotherapists can also support you once treatment finishes, from coping with long-term side effects to preparing you for returning to work.

At Icon Cancer Centre Singapore we support patients to access allied health services including dietitians and physiotherapists, both at our centres or through telemedicine. Ask your doctor for a referral to book your appointment with our visiting oncology physiotherapist.


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