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First SEA Genomic Data Digitisation Collaboration Formed to Improve Cancer Clinical Trial Access

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Oncoshot has just announced one of its biggest collaborations to date with Icon Cancer Centre in Singapore, alongside Roche.

Together the partners plan to facilitate more comprehensive genomic profiling data to increase access to more trial options for cancer patients. This first-ever collaboration in SEA will help advance the biopharmaceutical research and development ecosystem for healthcare professionals, institutions and patients by taking a more personalised approach to care and offering people with cancer more treatment options.

Presently, the cancer genomic testing process encompasses biological sampling from a patient, after which the test results are returned to the requesting doctor. Unless a doctor is aware of an existing clinical trial, they are likely to prescribe their patient a standard therapy at that juncture. Through this collaboration, Oncoshot, Icon and Roche will be able to easily identify cancer patients who are a match for existing clinical trials being run within their networks. Furthermore, real-time population matching will also enable companies and clinical research organisations (CROs) on the Oncoshot clinical trial platform to engage Icon as a preferred clinical trial centre, increasing patient access to clinical trial options for their cancer.

“With comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) data, healthcare professionals can make more informed decisions for their patients about potential treatment options, which should include access to clinical trials of investigational new medicines,” said Ying Ying Yeoh, General Manager for Roche Singapore. “We are proud to partner with Oncoshot and Icon to help more patients in our collective fight against cancer, and advance clinical cancer research in APAC to bring more medicines to patients sooner.”

As part of this collaboration, Roche will provide CGP data from tests that analyse over 300 genes known to drive cancer growth.

About Oncoshot

Oncoshot was founded in 2018 by Medical Oncologist Dr Huren Sivaraj and Data Science Engineer Ruslan Enikeev. As a health insights exchange platform, Oncoshot leverages its proprietary clinical trial-matching artificial intelligence technology to address the inefficiencies of cancer clinical trials. The platform serves as a bridge between leading regional healthcare institutions and CROs and global biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to facilitate data-driven cancer clinical trials while accelerating enrolment into actively recruiting ones.

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About Icon Cancer Centre

Icon Cancer Centre is a leading private cancer care provider delivering a holistic approach to cancer care. Icon Cancer Centre is part of Icon Group, a global cancer care provider with over 50 centres globally. Icon Cancer Centre has seven specialist clinics in Singapore and a dedicated health screening clinic. With a prominent and experienced team of medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, haematologists, paediatric haematologist-oncologists, palliative care specialists, general practitioners and visiting surgical oncologists, Icon provides end-to-end cancer care from screening and diagnosis, through to treatment and beyond.

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