Iconic Community / 26 Feb, 2021

Neuroblastoma in children

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Dr LeLe Aung talks with Smarter Health Indonesia

Did you know that neuroblastoma is the second most common solid tumour in young children? With neuroblastoma now making up 4% of all childhood cancer diagnoses, Icon Paediatric Haematologist-Oncologist Dr LeLe Aung recently shared information and advice for parents of children with neuroblastoma alongside Smarter Health Indonesia.

During the Facebook Live, Dr Aung answered questions including:

  • Which treatment is more effective in curing neuroblastoma?
  • What are the chances of recovery in children with neuroblastoma? Can neuroblastoma relapse?
  • Can neuroblastoma spread to other parts of the body?

Watch Smarter Health Indonesia’s Facebook Live below.

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