Treatment for childhood Wilms tumours

There are many different types of treatment for Wilms tumours. Your treatment will depend on you and your cancer.


What are the treatments for Wilms tumours?

Treatment for Wilms tumours usually involves surgery and chemotherapy, although radiation therapy may be used in advanced stages. The treatment that is delivered will be personalised based on the child’s stage of cancer, histology, age and general health as part of the treatment protocol developed by their Paediatric Haematologist-Oncologist.

Surgery may be used to remove part of the kidney (a partial nephrectomy) or the entire kidney and surrounding tissue (a radical nephrectomy). When there are tumours in both kidneys, the kidneys will be preserved as much as possible during surgery to remove the cancer. In some instances both kidneys may require removal, resulting in the need for dialysis and kidney transplant.

Chemotherapy may be delivered before surgery to reduce tumour size or after surgery to prevent recurrence. Chemotherapy may also be an option for inoperable advanced stage cancer.


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