Treatment for myeloma

There are many different types of treatment for myeloma. Your treatment will depend on you and your cancer.

Treatment of myeloma will be dependent on your type of myeloma, current health and medical history as well as your treatment preference.

Treatments are typically based on the classification of myeloma:

  • Solitary plasmacytoma– is where only one myeloma lesion is found, and it can often be treated with radiotherapy alone.1
  • Smouldering (or asymptomatic) myeloma– is an early form of myeloma and depending on how cancerous the plasma cells are, determines when treatment (such as chemotherapy) will start or whether it can be watched closely without treatment. 2
  • Active (or symptomatic) myeloma– people with this stage of myeloma are usually given a combination of treatments with options including: chemotherapy, immunotherapy, stem cell transplant and radiation therapy. 2,3


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