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The Novena NS20 station is located in close proximity to Icon.

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To travel to Icon by taxi or car from the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) – exit at Thomson Road onto Irrawaddy Road

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A number of bus services travel to Icon: 21, 56, 57, 131, 166, 851 or 980

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Imaging services available on hospital campus (PET-CT)

Access to Allied Health

Scalp Cooling system


  • Management and diagnosis of solid tumours
  • Chemotherapy for a range of different cancer types

For further information on chemotherapy, click here.

Treatment for Blood Disorders
  • Treatment for malignant and non-malignant blood disorders
  • Administration of blood products – including iron infusions and stem cell transplantation
  • Haematologists work with patients to develop a personalised treatment plan based on their diagnosis and circumstances

For further information on treatment for blood disorders, click here.

Radiation Therapy
  • Management and diagnosis of solid tumours
  • Radiation therapy for a range of different cancer types

For further information on radiation therapy, click here.

Targeted Therapies
  • Treatment for an individual’s specific type and stage of cancer
  • Used as primary cancer treatment or in combination with other treatments (radiation therapy, chemotherapy or surgery)

For further information on targeted therapies, click here.

  • Treatment for malignancies using the body’s own immune system to slow the growth and spread of cancer cells, and destroy existing cancer cells
  • Treatment may be provided to individual as oral therapy, injections, topical or intravesical therapy

For further information on immunotherapy, click here.

Hormone Therapy
  • Treatment to deprive the cancer cells of the specific hormones feeding the cancerous tumours
  • Treatment may be provided to individual as oral therapy, subcutaneous injection or intramuscular injections

For further information on hormone therapy, click here.

Cancer Screening and Diagnosis
  • Screening program tailored to the individual’s needs to detect cancer early
  • Services support individuals at a higher risk of getting cancer, including those with a family history
  • Consists of blood tests, MRI, CTs, colonoscopies, nasoscopes and gastroscopies
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