Icon Regional Oncology Conference

Bridging the cancer gap – a multidisciplinary approach for cross-boundary cancer care

27-28 January 2024

About the event

The Icon Regional Oncology Conference is a closed-door, by invite-only event, specially organised for our doctors and partners across Southeast Asia, to come together to share and discuss the latest medical advancements and breakthroughs in cancer treatments.

About Icon Group

Icon Group is Australia’s largest dedicated cancer care provider and has expanded globally into Singapore, Mainland China, Hong Kong and New Zealand. We bring together all aspects of quality cancer care, including medical oncology, radiation oncology, haematology, pharmacy, and chemotherapy compounding to deliver a true end to-end seamless service for cancer patients globally. This care is delivered by a strong, experienced, and passionate multidisciplinary team with a common focus to deliver the best care possible, to as many people as possible, as close to home as possible.

With a strong focus on innovation and investment in technology-based solutions, as well as partnerships with international bodies such as the Union for International Cancer Control, Icon is proudly at the forefront of addressing the global cancer burden.

About Icon Cancer Centre Singapore

Originally “Singapore Oncology Consultants”, the SOC Group was formed in 2006. It was a private oncology practice with four clinic locations in Singapore. Icon Group acquired the SOC Group and formed Icon SOC in August 2016, with its regional office for Southeast Asia set-up in Singapore. In 2019, Icon SOC was renamed as Icon Cancer Centre to align with the Group’s international network of cancer centres. Together with Icon Group’s vertically integrated range of oncology services, Icon has grown over the past few years, from four to seven clinics and extended services to now include haematology, paediatric oncology, radiation oncology, and nuclear medicine and PET-CT services.

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